Friday, November 18, 2011

Young Explorers 'Sticky Paper Art'

Sign Age ends up with a lot of scrap vinyl in a variety of colors from our many ongoing projects. As a result, we donate the scrap vinyl to several schools in the area. Young Explorer Schools is one that receives the scraps. The school kids call it 'Sticky Paper Art'. They create large colorful murals using the vinyl pieces.

Dr. Fil Brooks, Educational Director for Young Explorers, shared a picture of one of the murals the school kids produced. She says that not only can "each child be successful and enjoy creating their own art pieces, they have practice using scissors which enables them to develop their small motor skills. It is always rewarding to watch them spend time peeling the backing and feeling they have accomplished a major achievement. Young Explorers Schools truly appreciate Sign Age for supplying us with the vinyl. 'Sticky Paper Art' is a big exciting and rewarding art experience for us!"

QR Codes - The Latest Marketing Trend

Little white squares filled with black modules are everywhere, from magazine ads and business cards to posters and vehicle graphics. They're called QR codes for "quick response" and they're a marketing trend.

Just scan one with your smartphone (using a QR code-reading app) and you can connect with nearly anything that can be put into digital format and downloaded - information about a business, directions to the nearest store that carries a brand, discount coupons and much more.

If you go online to you can create a code that will take people to your website. Enter your website url, choose large, medium or small and you have an image to download.

Sign Age has the capabilities of producing custom QR codes to promote your business. We can print your code at any size to fit on your vehicle, banner or digital display.