Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did you know?

Sign Age produces laser engraved products! If you are unclear how this can help your company, let us take a moment to give you some ideas.
First, let's define what laser engraving is. We have a laser engraver on site that etches (or burns ) messages, logos, names or brands on products we produce and / or stock. Typically, these messages, names or logos are limited to simple designs because the 'etched' area will be darker or lighter in color creating the contrast needed to view the message. Wood burns, creating dark markings and glass marks typically become lighter.
Etching messages or logos on products create a professional, elegant and completely custom products.
Now, what could you do with these types of products? Here are some great ideas.
  • Employee appreciation gifts i.e. business card holders, plaques and awards for excellence and more.
  • Retirement gifts i.e. pens, Awards for Service and loyalty and other fancy gift personalization
  • Business signage i.e. wood etching, indoor and outdoor signs, directional signs and more
  • Product marketing i.e. case or box etching, product personalization etc.
Laser engraved products are fantastic for gifts or promotional items and can be fun for employees and customers alike. Take a look at some laser engraved ideas that could benefit your company.