Monday, December 29, 2014

Types of Building Signs

Every business needs a building sign. But there are so many times of building signs your company might need we thought we’d list some options to consider. We’ll help any new or existing business stand out and look its best.

Awning Signs: Awnings can cover windows or doors or both. Awnings can have a logo or graphic on them. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes and can improve the look of any business frontage.

Banners: These are temporary sign solutions but can be useful advertisement spots or until that permanent building sign is in place.

Channel Letters: These letters can be open channel, pan channel or reverse channel. Our designers will look at your logo and building and recommend a particular style. You might also have building guidelines to follow. Sign Age can help clarify this and create the sign that meets all requirements and still represents your business.

Directional and directory Signs: We’ve produced some fantastic directional and directory signs that are clear and beautiful. These types of signs are necessary for businesses without the visibility from the street or parking lot.

Flat Cut-Out Letters: This is a style that creates clear and simple signs using flat acrylic or metal at various thicknesses. There are many color options and metal types as well.

Monument Signs: These signs are built on the ground and are lower overall. They can be knee-high wall signs, street signs or directional signs. Typically, these signs can mark the entrance to apartment complexes, business parks or are near the street to be visible to traffic.

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