Friday, November 30, 2012

Large Digital Printing

Today's trend in signage revolves around the notion that the more attention you get the more sales you make. This is largely due to the onslaught of media and graphics in our every day lives. Standing out requires investment, branding and commitment to excellence.

How is this done in today's hectic environment and how can Sign Age help? Sign Age has one simple answer that has been proven to work: Go Digital and go Large! Our large format printers can print outdoor quality signs in full color. Our designers can help you design loud graphics that pop off your sign and grab the attention of passerby's.

Sign Age's solvent based outdoor quality digital prints can be placed on a variety of materials maximizing your graphic spaces. Think about floor graphics for a moment. Floor graphics can be printed and placed in low or high traffic areas and can market products, lead customers through retail spaces and enlighten customers to services they never new existed. Children love them and can push for Mommy Buys (the buys your children talk you into with incessant nagging). Floor graphics are durable and inexpensive and can add value to your business.

Now consider wall graphics. They are a great way to use digital graphics. If you cover your wall with a loud graphically beautiful digital print then everyone will turn to look at it consequently noticing your business.  Sign Age can print on wall graphic material that can cover your brick, stucco, cinder block or drywall walls with durable digital graphics.

Digital Graphics are an investment that can pay big returns. Let our graphics department help you to brand your message or products with your digital graphics. This can be done by highlighting products or services in a pleasing but stylish way. Loud colors, crisp fonts, clear messages and logo placement are just some of our tools to help you brand your business or product inside your digital graphics.

The final step is to utilize Sign Age's commitment to excellence. We stand by our products and services, help repair damaged product, extend fair warranties and insure colors are printed to the highest standard.

Call us today and find out how we can help you Go Loud! with Sign Age's outdoor quality digital prints.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exploring Sky Islands- Enter to win FREE Tickets to the event!

Don't miss Flandrau Science Center's new exhibit "Exploring Sky Islands". It's full of fun, hands-on exhibits that will take you from our desert basins to the pine forest on top of our Arizona mountains. Here in Southern Arizona we live in one of the most unique environments in the world. We're famous for the natural beauty of our landscape, and that landscape also boasts an incredible range of plants, birds, and animals thanks to the mountains that rise above our desert basin. The mountains, called "Sky Islands" are home to an astonishing level of biodiversity, a multitude of species that live in the cooler, wetter habitats at higher elevations. It's an exciting hands-on exhibit that is fun for the whole family.

Sign Age has had the opportunity to produce a variety of the graphic displays used in the exhibit, from the mountain backdrop climbing wall to the Hotspot display featuring an astounding number of different plants and animals that call the Sky Island their home.  

Enter to Win
Tickets to

Flandrau Science Center's

Exploring Sky Island

 Exhibit is open to the public and school groups Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm, Thursdays for Family Fun Time from 6-9pm, Friday evenings 6-9pm, Saturdays from 10am-9pm and Sundays for Family Fun Time from 1-4pm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vehicle Graphics Have the Power to Impress

Research conducted by 3M Commercial Graphics produced dramatic results
on the effectiveness of vehicle wraps. 3M used GPS units to track 10
graphically wrapped trucks traveling through two major metropolitan areas.
These fleet graphics generated the equivalent average of six million Prime
Daily Effective Circulations per truck (annualized).

Further research continues to reinforce that mobile printed graphics are an
extremely influential ad medium. More than nine out of ten people notice
words and pictures when displayed on a 40x12 foot truck, reported the
American Trucking Association. Research conducted by RYP & Becker
Group found that 97 percent of survey respondents recalled the ad on a
truck, 98 percent thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser
and 96 percent thought fleet graphics had more impact than printed or
electronic billboards.

Here is an example of one of our vehicle wraps. The design is fresh, the imagery is appealing and the colors are eye catching. Contact us today to see how we can transform your vehicle into an eye catching advertisement for your business.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Large Format Printing

Large format printing is one of Sign Age's production methods. Our large printers print on a variety of materials including but not limited to: banner material, paper and vinyl. Our large format printers use a six color ink process, high resolution DPI and we use solvent ink which insures durability.

Large prints can attract attention and can be very effective in reaching your audience. Wall murals can be printed and cost far less then painted murals. Vehicle graphics can be printed to cover your entire car and even the sides of buses. Huge banners can be printed to fill up your store front.

If you are looking for Large prints and graphics, Sign Age has the best printers in Tucson and at a great cost. Our knowledge and customer service is, by far the best in town as well.

Make your marketing campaign look its best using our large format printers. Your digital print will capture the eyes of thousands of drivers, pedestrians and potential customers. Call Sign Age today and get your large format print today 520-806-9322

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Expedition Tanzania

They're here!!! The newest pachyderm residents of Reid Park Zoo have arrived and are bigger than ever. Five elephants were shipped in from San Diego Safari Park and are making it home here in their new habitat, Expedition Tanzania, at Reid Park Zoo. The expedition is a new seven acre expansion that will provide an introduction to this amazing species, featuring hands-on education opportunities. The new herd includes Mabu (large male), Samba (large female), Punga (5 year old male), Sundzu (Punga's little brother) and Lungile (the smallest female).

Sign Age was fortunate to have the opportunity to provide building signage for the Click Family elephant care center.  Take a look below at the building lettering and the children of Sign Age Operations Manager Joaquin, enjoying the elephants in their enclosure.

Your Business Image is Important

Business image, identity and legibility can affect a business reputation! Corporate identity is the pieces, methods and techniques a company uses to differentiate itself from the rest. It's proven that a company that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously than those that don't.

Corporate identity is reinforced through various types of signage. There are a variety of factors to maximize the value of signage:
-         Letter height - An effective sign mush be legible from a distance and letters with a taller, wider stroke can be read from further away.
-         Contrast - Letters that blend in with their backgrounds become illegible at moderate distances.
-         Font Choice - Use decorative fonts sparingly and limit to a maximum of two type styles to make the message easily read at a distance.

Sign Age has lots of experience designing effective signage. We have in-house resources to help you select the correct size, colors, and font choices to make your corporate identity really pop. And research shows that no matter what the media - radio, TV, print, online - well-designed signage is the most cost-effective form of advertising.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wrap it up!

Wall murals are the greatest way to add pizzazz to office space and help reinforce a company's image by wrapping part of or an entire wall. Ultimately, wall murals add the "WOW" factor to space that might otherwise go unnoticed. We have the ability to create huge wall mural graphics that cover the side of the building or just your lobby wall.

Wall murals are large full color graphics that can cover entire walls, either indoors or outdoors. We have the ability to create huge wall mural graphics that cover the side of the building or just your lobby wall. We’ve covered metal walls, trade show booth walls, dry wall and stucco walls. Sign Age utilizes high quality materials that have the ability to even adhere to brick and other rough surfaces.
Sign Age can help you design and install a very eye catching, attention grabbing wall mural.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Value of Quality Signage

The National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC) surveyed 63,000 consumers regarding the value of quality signage. The research included these three important conclusions:
  • 29% were drawn to a store with which they were not familiar based on the quality of that store’s signage;
  • 34.5% have made assumptions about the quality of a business based on that business’s “clear and attractive” signage; and
  • 49.7% have driven by a business, or failed to find a business they wanted to visit, because the signs for that business were “too small or unclear.”
The research findings brought a ranking by respondents of the usefulness of various advertising media. To prove the point that quality signage has value, the rankings were as follows:
  1. Television ads
  2. Interior signage
  3. Outdoor signage
  4. 4 Radio ads
  5. 5 Internet ads
  6. Newspaper ads