Monday, December 29, 2014

Types of Building Signs

Every business needs a building sign. But there are so many times of building signs your company might need we thought we’d list some options to consider. We’ll help any new or existing business stand out and look its best.

Awning Signs: Awnings can cover windows or doors or both. Awnings can have a logo or graphic on them. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes and can improve the look of any business frontage.

Banners: These are temporary sign solutions but can be useful advertisement spots or until that permanent building sign is in place.

Channel Letters: These letters can be open channel, pan channel or reverse channel. Our designers will look at your logo and building and recommend a particular style. You might also have building guidelines to follow. Sign Age can help clarify this and create the sign that meets all requirements and still represents your business.

Directional and directory Signs: We’ve produced some fantastic directional and directory signs that are clear and beautiful. These types of signs are necessary for businesses without the visibility from the street or parking lot.

Flat Cut-Out Letters: This is a style that creates clear and simple signs using flat acrylic or metal at various thicknesses. There are many color options and metal types as well.

Monument Signs: These signs are built on the ground and are lower overall. They can be knee-high wall signs, street signs or directional signs. Typically, these signs can mark the entrance to apartment complexes, business parks or are near the street to be visible to traffic.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Canyon Ranch is pleased to open their new Spiritual Wellness Center in the Health and Healing Courtyard. The new center includes an outdoor garden with places to sit, water fountains, and a building called the Sanctuary where workshops and lectures take place. The main center, located in the same vicinity includes a reception room, a quiet room, and a private session room for exploring the variety of spiritual services Canyon Ranch has to offer.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sign Age had the pleasure of creating and installing all the directional signage to the Spiritual Wellness Center. The signs were post mounted sandblasted faux painted flagstone and were placed at various points throughout the property at Canyon Ranch.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Drive Thru Directional Sign Promoting 24/7

Coffee X Change recently updated their drive thru directional signage to promote the fact that they are open 24 hours a day. We created the design to help improve their drive thru traffic at all hours of the day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vehicle Graphics Rules to Live by

If you’re business needs high visibility to pull in customers , a vehicle wrap is a great way to get attention. Some wraps, though bright and fun are difficult to read and are ineffective. After all, the best way to see if your money was well spent on your wrap is to get a good response and increased sales.

We at Sign Age are very aware of this and have come up with 4 main rules we live by when designing and installing vehicle wraps.

1. Your logo must be clear and have brand identity. A bad logo or one that is too small or confusing or too wordy will compromise your wrap’s effectiveness. Large nationwide brands don’t need this as much because people recognize their logos quickly but local business need to grab customers attention quickly and efficiently and have them remember who you are. That’s mainly done with a great logo.

2. Photos are great but watch out! They can hurt too.
Designers love using photos for wraps. It creates depth and attractiveness and when using a photo from a skilled photographer , designing the car wrap is easy. But the photo you pick needs to connect with your audience to communicate the brand. Action shots that are relevant are great but they only really work in direct-to-consumer businesses. If you’re selling ice cream you’d want to put an ice-cream on the wrap. Also there are lots of designs out there with happy people. Unless you are selling what the people are doing or wearing don’t use people. They are distracting and don’t accurately communicate your product or service. When thinking about photos remember, they don’t always work. A good designer will know this and at Sign Age we’ll help you stay on topic. Textures and other elements are great alternatives.

You’re not driving around a book. Even if you sell books you don’t need to write a book on your wrap. Keep it simple. Use words that mean things and copy that is clear and to the point. This can be hard for some businesses that sell many products. But it is important. If you’ve got too much to say then focus on campaigns. Sell one idea or product at a time. vehicle Graphics are great because parts can be replaced or covered if you campaign changes.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grab Their Attention with a Vehicle Wrap

Tucson Electric Power gave us the opportunity to wrap their van to help promote staying away from downed power lines. Their snake design is highly effective in communicating the dangers involved. TEP recommends that you call 911 immediately to report downed power lines and if the power line comes in contact with your vehicle, remain inside the vehicle until help arrives. Go to to learn more.

Wrapping vehicles has become a huge part of our business. We love all aspects of vehicle wraps from the creative side, production, prepping and installation. Typically a vehicle wrap is one of the most important and effective forms of advertising for a business.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Window Wraps Can Be Great Sun Shades!

Dan Kalm's State Farm Insurance Agency on Campbell Avenue needed to block the afternoon sun from their front door. They contacted us to produce a window wrap that covered the entire door. The window wrap allows State Farm to promote their business and block the sun at the same time.

Hiking Trail Entrance Wall Lettering

Sabino Springs subdivision on the NE side of Tucson has a beautiful hiking trail that takes you through the desert.  Sign Age had the pleasure of producing dimensional lettering for the entrance wall to the trail that had to match existing signs within the
property.  Here is the end result.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Biosphere 2 Announces Ocean Gallery Re-Opening and Discovery Nights

Biosphere 2 will open the newly renovated Ocean Gallery and the "Return to the Sea of Cortez" exhibition on March 8th.  Originally designed as a coral reef more than 20 years ago, Biosphere 2 is designing a new ocean environment that will be a living model of the Gulf of California, also called the Sea of Cortez.  While touring the new Ocean Gallery, visitors will find large viewing windows to see under the surface of the B2 Ocean.  Sign Age had the pleasure of working with Biosphere 2 on production of display graphics for the exhibit.

Biosphere 2 has also introduced Saturday nighttime visits with their new program, Discovery Nights.  They offer nighttime tours of the iconic research facility, featuring family friendly events.  On March 1st they will feature the opening of a new Amazon Rainforest Research photo exhibit, on March 8th the grand re-opening of the ocean gallery and March 29th science fiction movie night and expert panel discussion. Discovery Night activities are included with price of admission.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Buffalo Exchange gets a Trailer Wrap from Sign Age!

Buffalo Exchange is celebrating 40 years of new and recycled fashion.  They started right here in Tucson and have expanded across the country.  In celebration they will be touring the country in a '69 Airstream starting in March.  The bus will be stopping at all of their 49 stores (46 company and 3 franchise stores) giving shoppers the opportunity to shop a curated western-inspired collection with fun activities.
Sign Age had the pleasure of wrapping the Airstream with really cool vehicle graphics designed by their creative marketing team.  We had a lot of fun working with them on the production and installation of the graphics.
Check out Buffalo Exchange 40th Anniversary Landing page at