Friday, November 30, 2012

Large Digital Printing

Today's trend in signage revolves around the notion that the more attention you get the more sales you make. This is largely due to the onslaught of media and graphics in our every day lives. Standing out requires investment, branding and commitment to excellence.

How is this done in today's hectic environment and how can Sign Age help? Sign Age has one simple answer that has been proven to work: Go Digital and go Large! Our large format printers can print outdoor quality signs in full color. Our designers can help you design loud graphics that pop off your sign and grab the attention of passerby's.

Sign Age's solvent based outdoor quality digital prints can be placed on a variety of materials maximizing your graphic spaces. Think about floor graphics for a moment. Floor graphics can be printed and placed in low or high traffic areas and can market products, lead customers through retail spaces and enlighten customers to services they never new existed. Children love them and can push for Mommy Buys (the buys your children talk you into with incessant nagging). Floor graphics are durable and inexpensive and can add value to your business.

Now consider wall graphics. They are a great way to use digital graphics. If you cover your wall with a loud graphically beautiful digital print then everyone will turn to look at it consequently noticing your business.  Sign Age can print on wall graphic material that can cover your brick, stucco, cinder block or drywall walls with durable digital graphics.

Digital Graphics are an investment that can pay big returns. Let our graphics department help you to brand your message or products with your digital graphics. This can be done by highlighting products or services in a pleasing but stylish way. Loud colors, crisp fonts, clear messages and logo placement are just some of our tools to help you brand your business or product inside your digital graphics.

The final step is to utilize Sign Age's commitment to excellence. We stand by our products and services, help repair damaged product, extend fair warranties and insure colors are printed to the highest standard.

Call us today and find out how we can help you Go Loud! with Sign Age's outdoor quality digital prints.