Thursday, November 12, 2015

Importance of Signs

If you operate or plan to start a business, it is important to consider how you plan to use signage. A creative, attractive sign can propel your business into a higher standard so you stand out apart you’re your competition. says, customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of, so a sign helps plant the seed for current and all future sales.
Sign Function
Signs serve like a silent salesperson for your business. Your exterior signs will draw attention to your place of business and help differentiate it from others along your street or complex. Interior signs help customers locate merchandise and reinforce impulse sales. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration website, signs are a primary link between businesses and customers.
Sign Types
A beautiful exterior sign can be mounted to the wall, monument, small wall or posted in the ground. The goal is to have a sign that is apart of the design of your landscape but stand out so it can be seen. Building-mounted signs are attached to the building and need to be seen from a roadway, parking lot or will be useful in areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping areas.
Sign Significance
Signs are an essential component of a your overall marketing strategy. A sign might need to contain a business's logo in order to reinforce your brand. But interior signs need to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business. An exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so its effect is continuous.
Sign Benefits
Some businesses have limited marketing funds so their signs can be a cost-effective form of marketing. According to the SBA website, the cost-per-thousand, a common method used to measure the cost of reaching a thousand potential customers, is much lower for signage than other types of advertising, such as radio, televisions and newspapers.
Final Considerations
Signs aren’t limited to your place of business. You can use vehicle graphics as a form of mobile advertising. Vehicle graphics and wraps are an effective branding tool in today’s marketing jungle.
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Airstream Buffalo Exchange Won Addy Awards

Airstream Buffalo Exchange Won Addy Awards
We Got to Wrap it!

Buffalo Exchange won Best of Show and Gold Addy Awards for their wrapped 1968 Airstream at the recent 2015 Tucson Addy Award Event.

Sign Age had the pleasure of wrapping the Airstream and we really enjoyed working with their creative marketing team on the project.

The Airstream was wrapped to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and has been traveling across the country for the past year visiting their 49 stores.