Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Flandrau Science Center New Exhibit

Flandrau Science Center New Exhibit: The Solar System Revealed

Featuring scale models of the planets, you’ll be amazed to see just how tiny planets like Earth and Mars seem in comparison to our Sun. Discover cool facts about all 8 planets and Pluto the dwarf planet. Plus, you can learn about the UA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft mission to return a sample from a distant asteroid – the University of Arizona leads this breakthrough NASA mission, and the headquarters is right here in Tucson!

New FullDome Planetarium Shows

We’ve debuted three awesome new full dome shows this season -be sure to check them all out!

· ASTEROID: MISSION EXTREME. This visually stunning journey to an asteroid explores the science, the promise, and the dangers of these rocks in space. Produced by National Geographic. All showings include a “live” OSIRIS-REx planetarium show, about the cutting-edge asteroid sample return mission that’s being led by the University of Arizona for NASA!

· WE ARE STARS. Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins, and how they connect to life on Earth in this family-friendly adventure!

· MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD. Discover the world around us that is normally invisible because it exists at speeds or scales that we can’t detect. This captivating show was produced by National Geographic.

Register to win tickets to the UA Flandrau Science Center to see the solar system exhibit.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Take a Peek at the Lobby Signage at BBB's New Facility!

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona recently relocated to downtown Tucson at 120 N. Stone Ave. Pamela Crim, BBB President and CEO states, “Not only does this move serve us positively in a financial capacity but it allows us to be part of the dynamic shift which has occurred downtown”.

Sign Age had the wonderful opportunity to produce and install the BBB logo signage in the lobby entrance at their new facility.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tucson’s Loft Cinema New Van Wrap!

The Loft Cinema, Tucson’s nonprofit, independent movie theater, is launching a solar-powered mobile cinema, bringing great films out into the local community and beyond.   The solar-powered mobile cinema is the first American member of the Solar World Cinema network. 

 The Loft plans to work with different groups and organizations to find a good fit for films in various locations around the community and throughout Southern Arizona and beyond. 

 “One of the ways to impact people is to take films to them and not wait for them to come to you,” says Peggy Johnson, executive director of The Loft Cinema.  “What works in Bisbee might not work in Ajo, might not work in Douglas, but might be great in Tubac”.

Sign Age had the wonderful opportunity to wrap their van for this exciting venture!

Monday, August 22, 2016

A-Frames, Outdoor Monuments, & Stage Graphics that Helped Save the World

We were given the opportunity to produce signage for a really important event, One Young World Environmental Summit, at the Biosphere in May.  One Young World is an international organization that gathers young leaders from around the world to develop solutions to the world's most pressing issues.  They met at the Biosphere and U of A to focus on environmental challenges and the role they can play in solving them.  There were approximately 500 in attendance from 196 countries, ages ranging from 18-30.  

Sign Age produced all the signage for the event, from directional signage to branding signage throughout the venues.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sign Age Turns 20!

It’s been a wonderful journey where we have had the opportunity to work with the best customers, the best employees and the best suppliers ever! 

And in doing so we’ve had the time of our lives!

We want to thank our customers for your continued business and support. We also want to thank our team members for their dedication and hard work.

Monday, August 8, 2016

We're the Lobby Sign Experts

Are you looking to stimulate your 
customers first impression?
Think Lobby Signs.

It is true that first impressions last. Your company or business is on display and judged instantly.  A Powerful high quality sign or display for your entrance or lobby is essential for creating an exemplary first impression.

An effective lobby sign presentation has proven benefits. They include enhanced name brand recognition from clients who visit the office as well as improved employee morale. Morale you say? Yes, employees that are proud of their work space are more likely to work harder, share with friends and remain employed as well.

Sign Age can help create a professional lobby sign that will be seamlessly added into your existing office d├ęcor. We are the experts in incorporating industrial design elements and architectural style into your  Lobby Sign. The wide variety of materials at our disposal will be used to complement your building and reception area. Some materials we frequently use are brushed aluminum, 3 dimensional letters, wood and acrylic letters with a matte or mirrored finish.

We know that a well-produced and installed lobby sign is the perfect finishing touch that completes the presentation of an office.

We're the Lobby Sign Experts   

Sign Age is a designer and manufacturer of all types of lobby signage and displays, saving you time and money.  Contact us today to get started on your lobby sign project from concept to completion!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did you know?

Sign Age produces laser engraved products! If you are unclear how this can help your company, let us take a moment to give you some ideas.
First, let's define what laser engraving is. We have a laser engraver on site that etches (or burns ) messages, logos, names or brands on products we produce and / or stock. Typically, these messages, names or logos are limited to simple designs because the 'etched' area will be darker or lighter in color creating the contrast needed to view the message. Wood burns, creating dark markings and glass marks typically become lighter.
Etching messages or logos on products create a professional, elegant and completely custom products.
Now, what could you do with these types of products? Here are some great ideas.
  • Employee appreciation gifts i.e. business card holders, plaques and awards for excellence and more.
  • Retirement gifts i.e. pens, Awards for Service and loyalty and other fancy gift personalization
  • Business signage i.e. wood etching, indoor and outdoor signs, directional signs and more
  • Product marketing i.e. case or box etching, product personalization etc.
Laser engraved products are fantastic for gifts or promotional items and can be fun for employees and customers alike. Take a look at some laser engraved ideas that could benefit your company.