Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bad Signs? Bad income

Some of the easiest ways to improve your building’s look and style is with a clear, durable sign. We’ve all seen terrible builds with falling, fading, broken signs.

Though we don’t fix or repair electrical signs, we want to illustrate how a business’s building sign can hurt sales, alter perception and change minds.
How about this sign? Will this help your business grow?

A good building sign will identify, communicate, and create the image you want your customers to see. Impressions are critical! Sign Age can create a business sign that will accomplish all three objectives, and were good at it.
Quoting U. S. Small Business Administration research: 89% of businesses that fail do so because of improper signs!
Does this sign help or hurt?

Good signs show pride, display confidence, direct customers. If you ask us, that’ll give any business a high probability of success.
ANY lack of attention to building signs, will affect your bottom line. Why risk it?  If you think about it, you can’t gamble buying an average sign; you need an exceptional one.
Not like this:

Even city and state signs need to be clear. Examples like the one below potentially harm people, hampering traffic and adding confusion.

How many customers have improper, terribly designed or broken signs turned away? Hard to say, but it happens every day.

Fortunately, we are a professional, experienced sign company and sign manufacturer, delivering exceptional signs to our customers and installing them, too.
Building signs are the most advantageous, targeting from of advertising according to the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA). They also state that 85% of business sales usually come from within a 5 mile radius.  Your sign constantly advertises your business to a potential customer who frequents the area where your business is located.
Is this sign costing money, or making it?

Contact Sign Age today for a new Business sign! We produce various types of dimensional and pan channel letters, full color graphic signs, banners and much more.
Need ideas? We’ve got plenty.

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